1)  Can I leave the event?
Yes, but we encourage all participants to stay to get the full benefit of the event.
2)  What do I do?
You are here to build. We really want to see your ability to make a product and have the support of peers and mentors to help you along the way.
3)  Is there a limited number of seats?
Yes. 50.
4)  What are workshops?
We will be conducting a few meetings with alumni that are in the startup and entrepreneurial world.  We hope that you will gain some valuable advice, skills, and connections.  Current topics include github, measurement analytics, and pitching.
5)   Will there be food?
Yes.  We will be providing food, drinks, and snacks
6)  Will there be alcohol?
No, but if you need a way to relieve stress, we will be more than happy to have a push up contest with you.
7)  Can I bring a friend who doesn’t code but is a designer that can help me build my product?
8)  What do I bring?
Anything you need to create your product (laptop, charger, mouse, headphones, etc.)
9)  My friend and I want to be a team, is that cool?
Yes.  You can code alone, with a buddy, or with two buddies.  Just make sure that you have something to demo.

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